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Learn more about Brenntag, the world market leader in chemical distribution.

150 years of being constantly agile and moving forward

Celebrating a milestone

This year marks a momentous occasion as we celebrate our 150th anniversary, signifying an extraordinary milestone in our remarkable journey. From our humble beginnings as an egg wholesale business in 1874 in Berlin to our evolution into the Brenntag of today, the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution.

Photo taken in Kumamoto, Japan

A sustainable future

As an industry leader, we acknowledge our pivotal role in fostering greater sustainability in our value chain. Recognizing the profound impact of our business on the environment and society, we’re resolutely committed to creating value that benefits everyone. Our journey towards a sustainable future is an ongoing endeavor, reflecting our responsibility in the industry.

Innovation, diversity and a broad worldview are in our DNA

We invite you to celebrate the agile spirit of Brenntag with us as we commemorate 150 years of excellence, innovation and a firm commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.

Christian Kohlpaintner, CEO
Looking back on such a long history is a chance to reflect on the people, decisions and challenges that have shaped our company and brought us to where we are today. With curiosity, a great deal of pioneering spirit, and keeping focus in times of change, we at Brenntag have always been successful to adapt to new circumstances. We are evolving with our markets, and we actively shape them.

A journey through time

As our timeline shows, our legacy is one of continuous evolution – we embrace change, always seeking ways to enhance and adapt to dynamic conditions with curiosity and focus.

We’re pioneers, leading the way, shaping our industry – our purpose and vision inspire proud partnerships that yield multiple benefits, creating success for those who journey with us.

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