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Our purpose, our vision and values

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Our Purpose

At Brenntag, we have a clear understanding why we are important for our customers, supply partners, and virtually everyone in the world. Because we

  • connect with products, knowledge and innovation
  • foster a sustainable future
  • care for human needs

Brenntag is proud to be known as a trusted, reliable partner in chemicals and ingredients distribution. Beyond safely distributing products, we also distribute ideas. Our expertise for chemicals and ingredients, our innovative capabilities, and our supply reliability create value in countless ways.

We care about sustainable solutions for products that are used every day and have a significant overall impact on the environment. We connect the needs of industry with the needs of people and the environment for a world that works for everyone.

Our Vision

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We shape the future of our industry by empowering our partners within networks, driving collaboration, excellence and shared success.

The way we fulfill our company’s purpose makes us more and more effective in what we do. We grow alliances and partnerships that multiply opportunities and make doing business easier for everyone.

We think in multiple and new dimensions to grow our innovation capabilities. As we transform our own business with digital tools, data and Brenntag Excellence, we accelerate our growth and efficiency.

As we redesign supply chains, we grow even closer to our customers and partners — further expanding our global presence and our solutions for a more sustainable world. Out of this indispensable role and our existing status as number one in our industry already, we see our ambition clearly in front of us:

We will shape the future of our industry.

What we value

We are guided by our purpose and vision based on our cultural pillars


We take responsibility for each other, our partners and the world.


We build relationships through authenticity and commitment.


We work toward common goals with focus and determination.


We go beyond expectations, through excellence, innovation and collaboration.


We put safety first in everything we do.

Our Brand

Our brand brings it all together: our purpose, vision, and values. This is a brand for Brenntag, our employees, and of course our customers, suppliers, and partners. We’re focusing more than ever on shaping the future of both our company and our industry.

And our brand makes it visible to the outside world.

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We are bold and reliable

As the market leader with the largest global distribution network for chemicals and ingredients, we’re your reliable, full-service solution provider in the chemicals and ingredients industry - even in challenging economic times.

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We are innovative and dynamic, dedicated to fostering a sustainable future

We shape our industries with market experts from multiple disciplines, we identify trends and empower our partners by providing value-added services and innovative solutions. We’re committed to meeting the individual needs of our customers and supply partners, while also prioritizing society and the environment.

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We are building networks

We’re going beyond mere distribution. We make a difference by building networks and serving key markets in a sustainable world.

With our two divisions, Brenntag Essentials and Brenntag Specialties, we possess unique capabilities and a solid foundation to orchestrate the demand and supply of complex ecosystems.