Brenntag Food & Nutrition announces distribution agreement with Axiom Foods, Inc. in Latin America

Brenntag Food & Nutrition in Latin America announces a new distribution agreement with Axiom Foods for its line of plant-based proteins in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru effective as of March 1.

With this agreement the two companies commit to offer to the food industry allergen-free vegetable proteins and dairy alternatives to produce food, beverages, and nutraceuticals, from cereal bars to pasta, ready-to-drink products (RTD) and non-dairy yogurts. Some ingredients that are used to manufacture Axiom products are: rice, peas, oats, and sacha inchi.

“This Axiom line is an important addition to our product portfolio, as it helps to meet and strengthen the growing demand for alternative ingredients for meat and dairy. Also, this agreement is a great step forward for our clients to benefit from the combination of Axiom's plant-based proteins, as well as from our technical and sales teams’ capabilities,” commented Florencia Pisetta, Commercial Manager , South Cone Latin America.

Axiom's plant-based proteins are great alternatives to dairy protein, as they contain an excellent amino acid profile, are cholesterol-free, low in sodium, easily digestible, and allergen-free. Additionally, they are more inclusive for the millions of consumers who are lactose intolerant or eat vegan or kosher. They are ideal for breakfast, snack, vegetarian, low-glycemic foods as well as for beverages, weight management, and sports nutrition.

This new distribution agreement confirms Brenntag's commitment to continue providing excellent customer service by strategically expanding product lines to meet current and future market trends.

About Axiom Foods:

On the cutting edge of technology, Axiom Foods is involved in clinical trials, education and affecting change in the global food supply. Founded in 2005 by David Janow, Axiom brings compassion and sustainability to the food business by showing that animals are no longer necessary to build muscle. Being at the forefront of peas and rice becoming the new meat, as CNBC can attest, Axiom Foods is dedicated to maximizing the potential of brown rice as the ultimate food product ingredient. Starting with their flagship, patented Oryzatein®, the first and only brown rice protein of its kind, Axiom continues to expand the possibilities of sustainable, worldwide nutrition. Axiom meets international standards, whether consumers want certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher or non-GMO foods.

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