Protection of Water, Soil & Air

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Minimizing the environmental impacts

Brenntag works continuously on minimizing the environmental impacts of its business activities on the soil, water and air. Our QHSE strategy and various measures such as investments in the infrastructure, optimized work procedures and employee qualifications are implemented with a view to identifying environmental risks early on and to avoid environmentally related incidents.

Brenntag’s sites in all of its regions comply with the applicable rules and regulations relating to the protection of the environment as well as our Group’s stringent internal environmental and safety standards.

All of Brenntag’s sites implement suitable environmental protection measures that vary in their form and extent, depending on the work performed at the site, the legal requirements in the country and the site’s construction history. Basic measures include multilayer soil protection in warehousing areas, double-walled tanks and collection tanks, closed water cycles, multistage water purification and treatment processes, and modern air and exhaust airpurification systems.

In the rare event that chemicals are released during processing, when being filled in or transferred between containers or during transportation, Brenntag takes the appropriate steps to rectify the problem, clean up and dispose of the chemicals as quickly as possible. Such spillages are recorded, categorized and evaluated using a standardized system.

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