Supply Chain

Safety and quality are key factors for success in the chemical industry.

They can only be ensured through the close cooperation of all parties along the supply and value chain. Issues such as occupational safety, environmental protection, labour practices, supplier management and compliance are therefore key topics for the industry. When choosing business partners and therefore making purchasing decisions, they are important criteria alongside aspects such as product quality, reliability of supply and price.

Within the scope of its membership of the “Together for Sustainability” industry initiative, Brenntag requires a number of its suppliers to undergo sustainability assessments every year. We thereby achieve greater transparency in relation to our suppliers’ sustainability performance and are able to better consider sustainability issues in our purchasing decisions. We work together with EcoVadis, as TfS does, which is a leading provider of sustainability assessments and is well established in the chemical industry.

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In the future, the risk component will be taken into account to an even greater extent.

After the introduction of new internal processes to control sustainability criteria for the Purchasing department in 2020, we will increase our focus on the sustainability performance of our suppliers in the future, including strategically. A risk assessment will be added to the existing procedure in order to better manage human rights and environmental risks in the supply chain in the future and to be compliant with the supply chain due diligence act. We aim to include and review all suppliers in an internal risk management system by 2025 at the latest. As part of our “Future Sustainable Brenntag” vision, we want to ensure that human rights are seamlessly upheld in our supply chain and living wages are paid.

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Coverage of total chemical spend in EUR with EcoVadis assessments (in %) in 2021

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