Occupational Safety

Christian Kohlpaintner
Our employees' safety and health is a top priority for us. We have been making great efforts to continuously improve the safety awareness at our company."

We take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent accidents and incidents. An important element is regular training for our employees, in order to raise their awareness of potential hazards and to enable them to work safely.

Brenntag is also continuously investing in its equipment and infrastructure so as to optimize plant safety and work processes at its locations and thus further minimize safety risks and sources of accidents.

Best - Brenntag enhanced safety thinking

A key element of our efforts to increase safety is the global Brenntag Enhanced Safety Thinking (BEST) programme. It focuses on the safety behaviour of Brenntag employees at all levels within the company, which is the primary cause of accidents in more than 75% of cases. Based on action plans, various programmes and measures were implemented in the Brenntag regions and national organizations in the year under review to promote safe behaviour and to correct dangerous behaviour. These centre on regular and extensive communication on safety aspects, greater involvement and motivation of employees and increased visibility of exemplary safety leaders within the company.

The programme is based on the Safety Behaviour Standard, a framework encompassing the key behaviours expected at Brenntag that contribute to creating a safe environment and safe work. These are compared to behaviours that jeopardize safety and which we want to avoid (“dos and don’ts”).

Best: Personal safety action plans - personalization of safety

In order to expand the BEST ideas beyond occupational safety and into the personal sphere of Brenntag employees, Brenntag developed the BEST – Personal Safety Action Plan (PSAP).

At the start of 2018, all Brenntag employees worldwide were asked to create a PSAP and list the risks that they encounter daily while at work as well as in their personal lives. Together with their respective line managers – who had been given special training in this area – they developed individual plans consisting of measures to prevent accidents and incidents.

Board of Management members and senior managers created catchy videos presenting their own personal plans so that all employees could learn about how they can contribute to Brenntag’s safety culture. In 2018, many employees worldwide accepted the invitation to present their own PSAP in a video.

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