Sustainable Solutions

Christian Kohlpaintner, CEO Brenntag SE

"We aim to contribute towards greater sustainability in all the industries and applications we serve. ConnectingChemistry also stands for that" Christian Kohlpaintner, CEO Brenntag SE

Christian Kohlpaintner

CEO Brenntag SE

Brenntag’s employees have in-depth expertise

Brenntag’s employees have in-depth expertise in the fields of chemicals, components, procedures, processes and application technologies. They are experts on the industries of individual customers, cooperate closely with the manufacturers and are familiar with applicable safety and quality regulations.

Our technicians who work in numerous application industries assist our customers in developing tailored formulations and advise them on ways to optimize the use and handling of the products.

Brenntag also endeavours to continuously add new products to its portfolio which increase efficiency, reduce consumption or decrease environmental impact when applied, thereby providing sustainable alternatives to conventional products.

Brenntag’s expertise and portfolio thus help to improve the level of efficiency within the supply chain, and support its customers’ optimized use of resources and improved productivity.

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