Sustainability at Brenntag

As the global market leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, Brenntag connects chemical manufacturers and users in a value-creating partnership. Brenntag’s key role in the value chain offers huge potential – but also entails an obligation to contribute towards greater sustainability in the industry.

For Brenntag responsible corporate behaviour entails more than just commercial success. We also aim to achieve sustainable value creation. For this reason, we also consider the effects of our business activities on the environment and factor in social issues when making strategic decisions.

The importance of sustainability and responsible business practices has continuously increased in recent years. Today, it is global issues that are on the agendas of multinational organizations such as the United Nations, national governments and also internationally operating companies. At the same time, these issues affect every person individually. Treating natural resources with care, protecting the climate, upholding human rights and fostering social communities – to name just a few examples of sustainability issues – are a shared concern, as they safeguard the existence and income of people and companies beyond the present. There is a general consensus that all areas of politics, business and society must play an active part in efforts to achieve sustainable, forward-looking development.

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Sustainability issues such as health, safety and environmental protection, resource efficiency and full compliance with laws and regulations are deeply embedded within our company. They determine how we interact with our employees, suppliers, customers and society in general, and have a direct influence on our commercial success.

We aim to factor in the effects of our business practices on the environment and society in our day-to-day activities when making strategic decisions. To this end, we have established corresponding standards and processes in our international corporate structures. Brenntag continuously encourages a sense of awareness among its employees for this issue and provides them with suitable training. Sustainability is therefore a basic principle which is applied in Brenntag’s day-to-day work. We also support sustainable development through our membership of various organizations and initiatives, and discuss sustainability issues with other players in our industry.

In order to ensure transparency on our sustainability performance and activities, Brenntag takes the standards of the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) as a basis.

Sustainability at Brenntag

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