Sustainability Targets

Solar Energy

Climate protection and reduction of emissions

/ / Aim for carbon net zero, in line with EU green deal and ensure zero spills and releases with emissions to the environment

  • 100% energy consumption from renewable sources (2025)
  • 100% offsetting of remaining Scope 1 and 2 emissions (2025)
  • 40% absolute carbon reduction vs. 2020 (excluding sites that were not included in the 2020 base year; those will be recorded separately) (2030)
  • Net zero carbon emissions (2045)

"A green row celery field is watered and sprayed by irrigation equipment in the Salinas Valley, California USA"

Resource efficiency and circular economy

/ / Transition towards the next level of recycling and reuse including formation of partnerships

/ / Increase share of sustainable solutions to support supplier and customer needs

  • Assess at least 60% of the product portfolio (sales in EUR) for sustainability (2024)
  • Ten circular businesses each generating > EUR 1 million (2025)

Brenntag safety helmet

Fair and safe employer

/ / Ensure a dynamic and diverse organization that invests boldly into the development of its people

/ / Set a high bar across working conditions and strive for zero accidents

  • 100% targeted expansion of unconscious bias training for leaders, managers and recruiters (2025)
  • Annual global employee engagement survey including action planning and monitoring (2024-2026)
  • Female representation of at least 30% across our entire management below the Board of Management (2030)
  • TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) < 2.0 (2030)
  • 25% reduction in process spillages vs. 2023 (2030)

Business people putting hands together

Responsible partner for suppliers and communities

/ / Look behind “own walls” and achieve sustainability-related improvements in the whole supply chain to secure sustainable and fair standards

/ / Being a responsible and valued neighbor

  • All suppliers are covered by risk management (as of 2024)

close up on businesswoman manager hand using stylus pen for writing or comment on screen dashboard tablet in meeting situation about company's performance , technology and business strategy concept

Management structures for business ethics

/ / Ensure transparent & reliable governance structures as a matter of course that make management accountable

  • Refine the regular reporting to regional, divisional and global management on the development of the compliance management system (2024)

Truck and highway at sunset

Portfolio and investment steering

/ / Implement policies throughout Brenntag to ensure sustainability to be deeply integrated in all activities

  • 100 % portfolio steering towards sustainability (2025)
  • Develop strategies to support technological advancement in important industry segments (2025)